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Get the most use from your outdoor furniture with these care tips that will help it last for years.

5 Essential Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

If you stain the couch in your living room, you don’t go out and buy a new couch. Instead you mop it up, apply stain removers, and attack it with a steam cleaner. If all else fails, you turn the

Choose outdoor furniture combined with these great DIY landscape tips to transform a drab backyard into a beautiful entertaining space.

DIY Landscape Tips to Go Along With Your Outdoor Furniture

Choosing comfortable and functional outdoor furniture can help to turn your drab backyard into an inviting entertaining space, but you can’t expect a lounge set, some tables, and umbrellas to do all the work of creating a pleasing outdoor oasis.

You can make your yard more appealing to party guests by upgrading to beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture.

How Outdoor Furniture Upgrades Can Improve Your Parties

For most homeowners, creating an inviting yard space is definitely on the list of home improvements, but often it doesn’t rank as high as other upgrades like kitchens and bathrooms. Lately, however, many homeowners have come to see the potential

Use these tips for storing your outdoor patio furniture in the winter to make sure it lasts and keeps looking great when the warmer months return.

Outdoor Patio Furniture Winter Storage Tips

If you’re like most people, you probably just leave your patio furniture outside year-round, even if you live in a region that features harsh winter weather conditions. Unfortunately, this can lead to rapid deterioration, including not just wear and tear,