When it's time to buy new living room furniture

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Living Room Furniture

The living room is where the family gathers to spend time together and it’s also used for entertaining friends and visitors. So in order for this room to be inviting, it needs high quality furniture. But sometimes it’s not easy to replace your furniture because you’ve grown accustomed to it. However, after you decide to upgrade your furniture, the new pieces add style and character to your living room. The following are telltale signs that it’s time to go shopping for mid-range furniture brands to replace your old furniture.

1. You Sink into Your Furniture

A good piece of furniture will feel cozy when you sit on it. However, after years of use, your furniture’s structure can start to fall apart and you could find yourself sinking into your couch every time you’re sitting on it. Now apart from the extra effort needed to get yourself off the sofa, such furniture is bad for your posture. So if you want to avoid injury, it is advisable to buy new furniture when your couch no longer provides the firm support that it did when it was brand new.

2. Torn Fabric or Cracked Leather

It’s normal for your furniture to show signs of wear and tear, especially sofas which are used every day. As your couch ages, the fabric will eventually wear down and become flimsy in areas that become vulnerable to tearing. Apart from normal wear, fabric can also be damaged due to spills and other accidents. Although you may occasionally patch some small tears and rips, if you’re always finding yourself  mending your sofa, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

3. Change of Decor

Even if your furniture looks and feels brand new, you want to change your decor. This may happen when you change your color scheme or buy new pieces of furniture that unfortunately don’t match with your old couch. That bright orange couch that used to have a proud place in your living room may start to look wrong when you add new pieces of furniture. You can have a happy living space if you ensure cohesion as well as a good balance of color throughout your home. Unfortunately, that might mean replacing your favorite sofa when you buy mid-range furniture brands.

4. Moving into a Bigger Space

When you move houses, it’s a wonderful opportunity to get rid of unwanted furniture and find pieces that you really like. If you’re moving into a bigger house, you may need to buy bigger furniture, or items that feature unique shapes. You may also need to buy additional furniture now that you’re in a bigger house. A bigger house can also mean more rooms and your old living room furniture may not be sufficient.

5. Your Tastes Have Changed

It may be time to buy new furniture when your tastes change. You may also have come into some cash and want to upgrade your living room. Sometimes you can find yourself sizing up other sofas when you visit your family and friends. A wandering eye means it’s time to indulge yourself and go for that beautiful leather sofa that you saw at your local furniture store. If the thought of splurging on a new sofa has you excited, it’s probably the right time for new furniture.

6. Everyone Hates Your Couch

Sometimes you’re swimming against the tide and everyone is telling you to get rid of your couch. You may not find anything wrong with it, but everyone else has rallied against it. Perhaps your parents, siblings, and partner have been asking you to replace your couch. If that’s the case, it’s time for a candid chat with your loved ones to discuss the best mid-range furniture brands.

7. Your Sofa Creaks When You Sit on It

If your sofa is creaking or you hear the sound of springs when sitting on it, the best solution might be to buy a new one. Perhaps a particular piece of noisy furniture can be fixed, but if it is beyond repair, a new sofa is the only solution. You shouldn’t wait for springs to pop loose and poke people.

If any of the above scenarios describe the state of your furniture, remember to measure your space before you go shopping. You also need to determine the most appropriate style and color. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle and to only buy furniture of the highest quality that you can afford.

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