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Choose outdoor furniture combined with these great DIY landscape tips to transform a drab backyard into a beautiful entertaining space.

DIY Landscape Tips to Go Along With Your Outdoor Furniture

Choosing comfortable and functional outdoor furniture can help to turn your drab backyard into an inviting entertaining space, but you can’t expect a lounge set, some tables, and umbrellas to do all the work of creating a pleasing outdoor oasis.

5 factors to consider when designing your outdoor space

5 Factors to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Space

Most homeowners are rather conservative when it comes to their outdoor spaces. After all, we don’t tend to use the space as much as the interior of a home. More and more, though, homeowners are coming to appreciate these outdoor

A deck or patio can provide hours of fun for friends and family. Jazz up your outdoor space with these do-it-yourself patio upgrades from Hanover Products.

Update Your Deck or Patio With These DIY Projects

If you have already ordered new outdoor furniture, or will be in the market to do so, make sure that your deck or patio are looking as good as your new furnishings will.  Below, you will find a list of