Patio heaters buying tips

Patio Heater Buying Basics

As the temperatures begin to turn and summer’s lingering light leads to earlier evening sunsets, many people retreat indoors to escape the cold. Yet, there’s truly nothing as beautiful as the after-hours glow of autumn and winter. Why let a

How to add charm and warmth to your outdoor living space

How to Choose, Clean, and Maintain Your Fire Pit

The holiday season is fast approaching. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and before you know it there are candelabras and Christmas crooners on every corner. Thankfully, there’s still a fair bit of time between now and the official start caroling

Outdoor kitchen with barbecue grill

How to Choose the Perfect Seating for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners enjoy having an outdoor grill.  It allows them to beat the heat in the kitchen during the summer and cook in the cool evening breezes. Whether you maximize your time outdoors until the first frost strikes or you live

Beautiful outdoor decor

How to Properly Accessorize Your Outdoor Space

Decorating outdoor spaces isn’t usually a first priority for homeowners. When you move into a new home, you tend to focus your resources on perfecting your interior living spaces. That said, nobody wants to be cooped up in the house

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Seating for Your Patio

The average outdoor furniture sale could yield a truckload of affordable options for your patio, but you don’t necessarily want to go with just any items when it comes to decorating your backyard oasis. You want to choose special pieces

3 Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Patio Furniture in Winter

If you live in a warm, dry locale like southern California, you might not suffer undue worry about leaving your patio furniture outside all the time. Certainly the sun can bleach cushions and dry out plastics, but by and large

6 Common Mattress Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

Shopping around for furniture can be fun at first, but over time it can prove to be quite daunting. Whether you’re on the prowl for the best outdoor furniture or mattresses, finding the best deals is key. You can shop

Nothing says summertime than a great backyard BBQ. When buying a new grill, you'll have many ptions to choose from; follow these tips to get what you need.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Gas Grill

The outdoors is the perfect place for summer fun with family and friends, but you’ll need some of the best outdoor furniture to set the right mood. You can find an assortment of luxury outdoor furniture to suit your needs,

Wall sconces next to fireplace

How to Choose the Right Wall Sconces for Your Home

Lighting is an often underrated element of home decor. We’re not just talking about the decorative beauty of an antique lamp or expensive chandelier – we’re talking about the way illumination can change the look and feel of your home.

5 major benefits of metal bed frames

5 Major Benefits of Metal Bed Frames

When you’re choosing the best outdoor furniture, you might not necessarily opt for a metal daybed since rust is often a concern. The same is not true of choosing a bed frame to use inside your home, though. As it